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The future of HardDance.FM


As you certainly noticed, we weren’t on broadcast last month. The reason for this is the rising operating costs of the radio station. That’s why we paused the month of November to allow you to continue December.

With the new year, we will temporarily take a break to work on a more cost-effective alternative. Currently we have the plan to book a standalone server, which the transmission operation can continue.

So that this works without complications, we will therefore need one to two months. With the restructuring, we will have to give up our apps for now and are therefore only available via web.

In the later course, we will provide you with an update of our app in your store, so keep an eye on the app.

The unpleasant step we will take then is advertising.

In order to enable our business in the longer term, we are forced to raise revenue through advertising. That’s why we will have to install corresponding advertising blocks in our program.

Your HardDance.FM team