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Soon a new design!


As you may have noticed, we are currently in a design change and we are working on a new website. With the new website we try to keep everything very tidy and clearer. That’s why we have to leave out a few little things. But do not worry, there will be something new for you.

In addition, our SSL certificate will be renewed, which we promise you complete security when visiting our site!

The aim of the new website is to provide an increase in attractiveness. After all, you should feel comfortable with us.

What is being done?

  • The shows page
  • The schedule page
  • The Charts (Unfortunately we do not have time to carry them on)

What’s new?

  • a clear website
  • language selection
  • User login
  • User interactions by comments
  • Picture gallery
  • Artist gallery
  • Albums gallery (Here are the top albums of the month posted)
  • new event overview with lineup
  • choose between day and night colors
  • new SSL certificate
  • news about artists
    and even more!
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