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HardDance.FM // HardDance.de


For the given occasion and the misleading, we hereby announce that HardDance.FM is not part of HardDance.de. Conversely, HardDance.de is not part of us.

HardDance.de is an organizer and promoter in the Hard Dance scene for the German area. HardDance.de was founded at the beginning of 2019 by three young friends. On the page you will find an event calendar that gives you a good overview of all current events in your area and occasional event reports of events that have visited the boys, you can also read here.

We at HardDance.FM have partnered with HardDance.de because we have some same interests. The partnership is publicly represented as HardDance Media, which is not an independent organization.

Also in the future HardDance.FM remains an independent online radio station.